FAQ | General
What is Tompang?
Everybody loves online shopping nowadays. However, it always comes with the troubles of steep shipping costs and long and very forgettable tracking codes which don’t always work.

Tompang is a peer to peer platform aiming to bring our users a trusted and secure platform to connect shoppers and travelers together. Encouraging a culture of sharing and lending a helping hand, we aim to provide an opportunity for you to save on shipping costs and also earn some cash while you trek the globe!

We want to connect the world through this culture and create a global ecosystem that will serve as a valuable alternative for attaining items from other countries.

How it works!
On Tompang, users will have two different modes to use in the app and website. As a Requester, you can post your requests for items to reach out to Travelers in the community. Travelers can make an offer to fulfill your request and potentially earn some extra cash while carrying out a good deed. Here’s some tips to get your started!


Post a Request

2 easy ways to post a request!

  1. Search our app or website for existing requests similar to yours or items posted by our editor. Once you’ve found your desired item, simply click “I want this!” and save yourself the hassle of keying in all the details!
  2. If you are unable to find your item on the app, you can customize your own request by clicking “Post a Request”.

  1. If you’re lucky, multiple Travelers will make offers to your request. Make sure to take some time to choose the best offer.
  2. Feeling like you need to know more? We have an in-built messenger that allows you to discuss details with the Traveler before making a decision.
  3. Once you have agreed on a price, a full deposit [which is inclusive of 5% + SGD2.00/USD1.60 service fee] is required to secure the deal. Don’t worry! Your money will be safe with us and won’t be released until both parties have confirmed completion of a transaction.

  1. We recommend that you meet up at public locations and be sure to set a date and time.
  2. Double check your items before instructing Tompang to release payment to the Traveler so that any issues can be solved on the spot.

Earn cash while doing a good deed!
  1. Going to Japan? Browse the app/website for requests according to your destination and make an offer to lend a helping hand.
  2. Do your homework and make sure any necessary taxes or customs fees are covered in your offer price.
  3. Your offer price will automatically include a 5% + SGD2.00/USD1.60 service fee.

  1. Have a query about a request? Use our in-built messenger to discuss details with Requesters.
  2. After you’ve cleared the air, pull up those pants and make an offer!
  3. Once the offer has been accepted, Tompang will hold the money for you until you have completed your delivery and the items have been well-received.

  1. Arrange a meet up at a public location with a specific date and time.
  2. To top off a job well-done, ensure the Requester double checks their item/s are in order!
What Payment Methods are available?
Our Payment Methods depend on the selected mode of currency when setting up your account.

Singapore Dollars (SGD) has two methods:

  1. PayPal
  2. Bank Transfer [Coming soon!]
United States Dollars (USD) has only one:

  1. PayPal
*Note: If exchange rates are applicable to any transactions, it will follow the rates of the respective method. Eg. PayPal payments will follow rates determined by PayPal itself.

Can I change my currency after selecting it?
Unfortunately, once you have selected your mode of currency, you will be unable to change the settings in future. If there is a specific need to change the currency, kindly contact us at feedback@tompang.com.

How long does it take to complete the payment process?
For Paypal, the payment should be made within 24 hours. However, for Bank Transfers, it can take as long as 3 working days depending on the bank.

What is the Tompang Wallet? Can I deposit money into it?
The Tompang Wallet is used to track in-app activity for transactions. It helps to track money that is going out for requests and also money that you have received, either through refunds or successful deliveries.

At the moment, we don’t have the function to deposit money into your Tompang Wallet. The wallet is mainly used for incoming money.

What methods are available for withdrawal?
If your Tompang wallet is in SGD, the withdrawal method will be via Bank Transfer which can take up to 3 working days.

If your Tompang Wallet is in USD, the withdrawal method will be via Paypal which will follow Paypal’s Terms and Conditions. When you choose to withdraw your earnings from your wallet through PayPal, you will incur a small charge by PayPal per withdrawal.


Your PayPal’s account is setup in United States

Example: Withdraw Amount: 100 USD

  • Tompang will send 100 USD to your PayPal Account
  • PayPal will charge their fees for using their service. PayPal charges 3.9% + 0.30 USD, so you would receive 95.80 USD after PayPal charges.
Your PayPal’s account is setup in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand

Example: Withdraw Amount: 100 USD

  • Tompang will send 100 USD to your PayPal Account
  • PayPal will charge their fees for using their service. PayPal charges 4.4% + 0.30 USD, so you would receive 95.30 USD after PayPal charges.
Fee do vary from country to country, so check with your local PayPal for their latest fee information for your country.

My account has been compromised! Can I retrieve it?
Drop us an email to feedback@tompang.com and we will do our best to help you solve your issue!

What is a service fee?
To cover transaction fees and the operation costs of developing and servicing Tompang, we charge Requesters a 5% + SGD2.00/USD1.60 per transaction.